If you're ever wondering what a pit stop should not look like, here you go. IndyCar driver Scott Dixon managed to drive into a rival team's mechanic while shooting out of his garage.

Dixon got a drive-through penalty for crashing into one of Will Power's pit crew in today's Sonoma race, which is apparently controversial since Dixon was leading the race and is second in the championship. Being punished for pit lane accidents shouldn't really be limited to drivers out of the running for the championship, so the call seems more than reasonable.


As Deadspin reports, the struck mechanic appears fine.

That other open-wheeled automobile racing series that a few people watch called Formula One also had a big-time pitlane incident this season, but that was when a loose wheel struck a pitlane cameraman. Do not expect wild calls for pitlane safety to follow this IndyCar accident, like they did in F1.

UPDATE: When interviewed after the race, Dixon said it was the mechanic's fault and a "dick move."

Maybe spend less time complaining and more time not driving into other human beings, Scott.

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