If you came across a Mazda Miata en route to the crusher, what would you do with it? While any variety of answers immediately come to mind—track day beater, stripped street car, V8 swap—we bet you didn't think about stretching it and adding two Chevy 350ci V8s.

That is however exactly what Tony Hair, the owner of this 1990 Miata, did. In the course of his business as the owner of a towing company he came across the car while it was on its way to the junkyard. Not wanting to let a good Miata go to waste, he scrounged up a couple small block V8s and a Turbo 400 transmission and put together the beast you see here.

We know this car is certain to inflame people, which is perhaps why we like it so much. Sure the light-weight handling characteristics that are the Miata's signature are long gone and we're guessing they took any hopes of basic usability/reliability with it, but that isn't what this car is about.


It's ridiculous, it's inefficient, it's unnecessary, it's weird, it's cool to look at and apparently it does burnouts. What more could you ask for from a weird junkyard hot rod?

Hat tip to Disgruntled Titty Sprinkles SnapUndersteer!