This Is What A Donkey-Powered Jaguar XF Looks Like

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A Jaguar XF owner in Ahmedabad, India was dissatisfied with his vehicle so he did what any rational adult would do; brought it back to the dealership, hooked up some donkeys, stuffed the windows with hay, and made a sign declaring the vehicle inferior to a donkey-drawn cart.

RushLane promises that the animals were present "symbolically" and did not actually pull the some-5,000 pound car. They went on to explain that this isn't as rare an occurrence as one might think:

"Talking about donkeys, it seems a tough world for them. Despite the hard work they undertake, everyone seems to think of them first when it comes to pulling a luxury vehicle. Or is it that donkeys are easy to find in Gujarat. Last time around, a Mercedes Benz E Class was dragged by 6 donkeys in Vadodara. Hardworking cattle seems a great motivator. Another enthusiast revealed, 'My dad had done something similar way back in 1996/97 when the E class wouldn't start at the Oberoi in Chowringhee. He had it towed by a few cows all the way.' Don't take it to heart though, the animals shown here are clearly a symbolic gesture in the current situation, and did not on this day actually pull a Jaguar."

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Some 5,000lb car? What are they from the future? Sure its no xk120 but 5000?! Lmao, given current trajectories for model bloat I would not at all be surprised to hear that the New for 2016 XF now weighs the same as a Bro Truck driver's wife.