This Is What A Buick GNX With 8,000 Miles On The Clock Looks Like, And It Can Be Yours

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General Motors skated through the 1980s by putting out some extremely questionable vehicles. Arguably at the height of their institutional arrogance, GM produced cars that were plagued with shoddy build quality and uninspiring performance. Few of them are considered ultra-desirable classics today.

There is one giant exception to this, and it has but three letters in its name: GNX. The General got that one very, very right. Essentially a Buick Regal Grand National with a huge turbocharged V6 engine and an astronomical amount of horsepower and torque, the GNX was capable of the zero to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, making it both a tire-shredder and a giant killer. And it looks mean as fuck, too.

If you've ever seriously lusted after one, consider this very cherry GNX that popped up on eBay with a mere 8,062 miles on the odometer. The seller says it's a pampered model with original paint and factory tires (perhaps the only original GNX tires in history that haven't been murdered), and it comes with full paperwork and a sexy GNX jacket. Wear that thing to the club and you'll have to beat women and/or men back with a baseball bat, probably.


It's worth a click to the auction site just to see what a 1980s Buick looks like today when it's essentially in new condition. I hope this turbo monster finds a good home. Any takers out there?

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Photos credit eBay