This is what a "brand new" 25 year old AE86 Toyota Corolla looks like

Larry Chen at Speedhunters recently uncovered the unbelievable "brand new" 25 year old AE86 Toyota Corolla seen here on a trip to Belgium. If you've ever wondered what a perfectly optioned AE86 would have looked like fresh from the dealer's lot, wonder no more.

This Corolla has only traveled 48 kilometers in the past 25 years, which explains the car's amazing as new appearance. After driving this brand new Corolla home from the dealership in a display of unbelievable restraint the car's owner drained the gas tank and parked the car where you see it these pictures.


Not only is this Toyota probably the cleanest AE86 in the world, it also may be the only unmodified example left. Plenty more pictures of this unbelievable time capsule can be found here.


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