The last BMW Z8 was built 10 years ago, but people are still coming up with new ways to crash these beautiful Bimmers. One of the only 5,703 Z8s ended up on its roof by the side of the road near Rambach, Germany last week.

According to German Police a 30 year old man was driving the Z8 last Monday when he lost control of the car and left the road. The car hit an embankment and flipped over into the ditch where you see it above.


Police did not have a cause for the crash, but the red German license plates on the car—usually dealer plates used for test drives—suggest the 400 horsepower S62 aluminum V8 might have been too much for someone who didn't own the car. We're sure the summer tires on the car didn't make things any easier on the wet winter roads.

Regardless of exactly how the driver came to be behind the wheel of the Z8, they were lucky enough to escape this crash without injury. Police have estimated the damage to car somewhere around € 50,000.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Stenzel
[ via GTspirit]


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