Due to the fact 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Pace Cars were predicted to be a future collectible, many were put into long term storage and driven very rarely. This particular example was driven only 13 miles.

33 years later, the cars still aren't particularly collectible. This is partially due to the fact finding a low mileage example is still very easy and partially because 1978 Corvettes aren't the greatest cars ever built. Having said that, coming across a barn fresh example of a 1978 Corvette Pace Car with only 13 miles on it is still hardly an everyday occurrence.

This car was pulled from a barn in Detroit, Mi last month and relocated, complete with over a decade of dust, to Plymouth, Ma‚ÄĒa few short miles from Weekend Jalopnik world headquarters. Like many of the other 6,502 Pace Cars built in 1978 this 'Vette was originally purchased as an investment and never driven. It changed hands a few times until the last owner put the car in a barn in 1995 where it sat covered in boxes until last month.

According to the dealer offering the car for sale, this barn fresh Corvette started right up and still has the "new car smell" you might expect from a brand new 33 year old car with a mere 13 miles. Price is currently unlisted, but we're guessing someone might actually make some money on someone else's decision to put a then-new Corvette in mothballs for more than three decades.

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