This Is What A $7 Million Corvette Looks Like

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Chevrolet only made three of their first purpose-built racing Corvettes, and nobody seems to know where the third SR-2 'Sebring Racer' is at the moment. If you find it, that's north of $5 million right there.


The SR-2s were created in 1956 to go bald eagle on the European race cars long before Ford got there with the GT40. In order for America's fiberglass sports car to get to that speed, GM's Styling Studio gave it a new body, bigger brakes, better suspension and improved cooling all around as well as a stronger gearbox and a Rochester Fuel Injection system later on, seen here being tested at Daytona Speed Week in 1957:

These hand-built 152 mph cars weigh just 2,000 pounds and come with a 48-gallon gas tank, which was very much needed at Daytona and Sebring.


Le Mans was also on the horizon for the SR-2, but in 1957, Chevrolet pulled out of racing before it could get there.

Now, I believe this car would be perfect for Goodwood, and $7 million for such a rare piece of history is really a bargain compared to what slightly crashed McLarens go for nowadays.

If you find the third car, please return it to anybody here at Jalopnik. We all know how to use a stick.