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This is the worst car crash story ever

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A driver smashed full-speed into a man working on his disabled car on the side of a Houston road this morning. And that is the least disturbing part of this story.


Prepare yourself for the story of the worst car accident ever.

The Mazda 626 pictured above was being driven by 49-year-old James John Onak along Interstate 45 slightly after midnight this morning when he struck a man on the side of the road who appears to have abandoned his broke-down Explorer. The unnamed pedestrian was described as being in his 30s and wearing a Subway sandwich shop uniform.


It was such a strong impact that the pedestrian's leg was left at the scene.

That wasn't the worst part of the story.

The rest of the body became lodged partially in the passenger's seat and partially in the windshield.

But even that horrific image now seared forever into our heads wasn't the worst part.

No, the worst part is the driver continued to drive for two miles until a constable pulled him over and discovered the body in the car.


According to The Houston Chronicle:

Police said the driver told the deputy he had hit something on the freeway and that he didn't know the victim was in the passenger seat beside him.


The man died at the scene and the driver has been charged with failure to render aid and tampering with evidence. Police are also running DWI tests and suspect drinking was involved.

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I remember this story from 2002. Worse in my opinion. The movie 'Stuck' was loosely based on the accident.

'A nurse's aide hit a homeless man with her car, drove home with him stuck headfirst in her broken windshield and ignored his cries for help as he bled to death in her garage over the next two or three days, police say.

Chante Mallard allegedly told police she periodically went into the garage, apologizing to him but doing nothing to help.

Mallard, 25, was arrested Wednesday and was later charged with murder and released on bond. She faces from five years to life in prison and a fine up to $10,000.'