This Is The World's Coolest Gullwing Mercedes Owner

"It gets driven hard and it gets driven often"—these might not be statements you typically expect to hear from the owner of a 1955 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing but it's hard not to smile when you do.

The latest installment of Depth of Speed examines one man who clearly gets the point of parting with a large chunk of cash to purchase a magnificent vintage vehicle like this Mercedes. After thirty years spent dreaming of having a 1955 300 SL in the garage, when this nameless Gullwing owner finally got one he wisely decided to make the most of it.

We've always been proponents and practitioners of using old cars for what they are intended for, but we don't own Gullwing class vehicles-or anything close to it. Listening to someone who does and still has no issue racking up the miles is simply awesome.


It's particularly amusing to hear the story of how the guardian of this vintage Mercedes and his wife are referred to as the "crazy Californians" by fellow Gullwing enthusiasts because of their choice to actually drive their car to events. We'd say the people who own these cars and choose not to enjoy them in the manner seen here are the truly crazy ones.

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I love it. I watched this the first time while my girlfriend was in the bathroom getting ready and when she came out she could see I was tearing up.

Like him, when I was a kid me and my brother built a model of one (technically his model). It is tan with a red stripe. When I left for college, he was already gone but the model was still in his old room. I went in and took it. It still sits on the window sill of my game room in my apartment. I look at it every few weeks and think to myself how amazing it must be to drive one (my company owns one for show, it apparently sits in Michigan and is only taken out for shows). But this is the first time I have heard one under full throttle, all the other videos were MUCH more tame. Good lord was that sweet music.

The 300SL is my favorite car of all time. Call me a blasphemer, but I think it looks 10 times better than the E-type. Every single line is amazing. Even with all the hours I have spent looking at pictures of it, every time I look at one it still has surprises that I hadn't noticed. The design looks fresh and gorgeous every time.

There are few things in the world that I have as much passion for as I do for this car. I doubt I will ever get behind the wheel of one, but if I did, I would probably start crying out of joy. I mean this in the sense that if I were to be a kid on Make-a-Wish, it would be to drive a 300SL for a day.

/end rant