This Is The Woman Who Launched Her Car Over A Toll Booth

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This is 22-year-old Yasmine Aida Villasana, the intoxicated woman who was videotaped launching her car General Lee-style over a toll booth on Memorial Day. This is the rest of her story.

The amazing video from a surveillance camera outside the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport of a Chevy Impala rocketing over a toll booth on Memorial Day was posted on YouTube earlier this week, garnering over 730K views in just a few days. The driver survived but was arrested under suspicion of driving while intoxicated.


Thanks to the police report, posted by The Dallas Observer, we've now learned a lot more about the incident and Yasmine Audia Villasana, the driver of the car.


When police approached the car after the accident, Villasana told them she was rear-ended, which caused her car to shoot over the tollbooth and catch on fire. This was easily contradicted by the 123 feet of skid marks in front of the booth, the lack of any damage to the rear of her car, and the video tape from the security camera.

The police report also notes she kept trying to get back in the car while it was on fire.


Given these clues, the police asked her if she'd been drinking. Villasana informed them she'd had a vodka and cranberry juice the night before, but nothing prior to the crash. After a visual test and a breathalyzer, she was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.


A few more fun facts about Villasana: she's unemployed, has multiple tattoos on her body, and managed to only shatter her wrist in the incredible crash.

Here's the video again:

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