This is Francesca Lavezzo, the improv comic from the Bay area who crashed her Honda repeatedly into a Ferrari dealership. After tasing her, police now believe she wasn't angry at Ferraris, just high.

Lavezzo reportedly crashed her Honda Civic multiple times into Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo of Northwest Portland yesterday around 4:00 am. Police later apprehended the woman after she crashed into a fence trying to elude police. She initially resisted arrest and was tased and taken to the hospital for observation and then to county lockup according to KGW-TV. Police don't think alcohol was involved but believe she was likely on drugs. Just look at her mugshot, it's like from Prom Queen to Meth Queen with an attitude.

So who is Francesca?


According to her resume from the L.A. area 11th Hour Comedy Troupe she's a professional actress/improver who studied at U.C. Berkeley and loves glass blowing. Most intriguing is this statement from her biography indicating a history of road rage:

"Francesca has been in Los Angeles long enough to realize her "man-size" is beneficial of times of road rage but not when it comes to auditions."

The life of a professional actress and improver is hard enough, but why'd she have to take it out on Ferraris? Here's hoping she learns to focus her rage on, like, Buicks or something.