This Is The VW-Powered Miniature NASCAR You've Been Waiting For

Who needs an actual scaled-down racer like a Baby Grand or a Legends car when you can just take an arcade model of a NASCAR racer and and plop a 1,700-cc Volkswagen engine in it?

One northeastern Illinois man asked just that question and made this replica mini race car, which is now for sale here. While it has some of the trappings of a race car, such as a window net and big, no nonsense gauges, it doesn't appear to be legal for any series.


This bit of poke would probably make it illegal pretty much everywhere, for one. Brad Keselowski may not be able to get away with flaring his fenders, but that may make this car look the part and fit its wheels a bit better.

But does any of that matter? Here's your chance to have a drivable mini-NASCAR powered by a Volkswagen engine. That's right: a Volkswagen engine. A miniature car would be out of place with a giant V8, so this sports a 1,700-cc Volkswagen engine.

This is your chance to dominate Baja bugs and other VW-based racing replicas everywhere. "Shut your pie hole, this right here is straight outta NASCAR*!"


*the game

Unfortunately, because this is listed on Craigslist, the ad is less than forthcoming about how that VW engine is fitted inside:

mini nascar for sale Price $6000.00 band new 1700cc vw motor run and drives very fast .

this was a arcade minchine at one time . willing to trade ............

race car jet boat waverunner jet ski trade

I get the feeling that there's probably a Beetle under there. Don't quote me on that, but I get that feeling.


$6,000 seems high (that's two running, decent condition early 944s, buddy), but I'm sure it won't be too much for the right NASCAR fan.


Look at this masterpiece. Owners of the arcade game probably bought it because they wanted to drive a Sprint Cup racer. Now you actually can!

(Sort of.)

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