This Is The Ugliest Custom Mustang We've Ever Seen

In the early days of hot rods and custom cars mixing and matching various pieces of different automobiles was a fairly common practice. Often the result of the junkyard raiding was a badass automotive mutt, but sometimes the end product was just an ill-conceived and unattractive mixture of car parts.

All it takes is a brief look at what happened when the builder of this car tried to apply old school hot rod techniques on a S197 Mustang to figure out which of the aforementioned categories this custom Ford falls into. Behold the ugliest custom Mustang we've ever seen.


Thanks to the addition of Lotus Elise headlights, a grille from a 1950 Nash, 1989 Cadillac taillights and plenty of "hand formed" steel body work to make it all fit there likely isn't another Mustang on the planet that looks anything like this, at least we sincerely hope so. Topping off the full custom treatment of this car was the addition of a Vortech V-3 supercharger to the engine and a feature no truly hideous custom car could be without—"Lamborghini" door hinges.

This 2007 Mustang may have started life as an average V6 automatic pony car, but after a thorough "custom redesign" it's hard to argue the fact this car is now truly one of a kind. Even with this in mind, we were dumbfounded to read that someone, somewhere appraised this custom Mustang at a staggering $75,000. Luckily the seller is willing to be "realistic" and let this gem go for a mere $32,500.



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