This is the Speed Difference Between the New Formula E Car and the Old One

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Three seconds is a lot in the motorsport world. A Formula One team would pay millions of dollars to find three seconds in their lap time at a given track year over year. The entire Formula E grid got 3 seconds quicker at the series’ Marrakesh race this weekend, and here is a side-by-side comparison of the two cars, Antonio Felix Da Costa’s 2019 BMW Andretti car on the left and Nelson Piquet’s 2018 Panasonic Jaguar car on the right.

The 2019 “Second Gen” Formula E car features more downforce, more power, and more range, making it a much better race car than the Gen 1 piece the teams were mandated to use for the first four seasons of the series’ existence. The new season is already proving more exciting than last, and should be gaining a lot of traction in the coming year.

In this video you can easily see where the new car is gaining so much speed, largely due to the new electric motor regulations allowing for a much more powerful motor. For certain, there is some extra downforce grip, contributing to better mid-corner speeds, but the power is really where it’s at for this new car.

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