This Is The Ridiculous Blood-Filled Taiwanese Animation Of Saturday's Huge NASCAR Crash

Saturday's crash in the NASCAR Nationwide Series Race at Daytona was truly awful. Now the Taiwanese animation has been released and it's more ridiculous than you could possibly imagine.

On track, we don't have NASCAR racers. We have Toyota Corollas. In the stands we have crash hungry men and women. One fan with a mullet is standing and cheering, then gets his in the face with a wheel and a simply huge amount of blood splatters out of his head and then gushes out of his chest. Tasteful.


Next Media Animation, the company that makes these animations, then portrays NASCAR as sharks that will avoid lawsuits by pointing to the fine print on the back of tickets. NMA shows a ticket that says "Get yourself killed or hurt: not our fault."


This is the weirdest and wildest 1:30 video you'll watch today. Possibly ever.

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