Snakes can jump.

Not all snakes are venomous, and almost all of them go out of their way to stay away from you. But 100 percent are scary and thereā€™s no way I would stay as cool as this guy if one jumped at me while I was motorcycling.

Looks like the long slithery thing in this video was enjoying what was probably some very warm asphalt when its nap was disturbed by a biker. Is starts crossing the road, then pow!, a mother fucking snake in the mother fucking air.

Can you imagine if it caught the biker in the leg? Or got caught up in his spokes? Ick. Yikes. Yowza. Iā€™m shivering just thinking about it.

When I used to ride in Australia, a wild country ruled by serpents, I actually only saw one snake and it was from the safety of a truck. So obviously I didnā€™t get properly desensitized to the things.


Stay safe out there, and watch the road real carefully now!

Hat tip to Erik!