Ever since a little story evo's Chris Harris wrote for us — you know, the one about "How Ferrari Spins" — he's been banned from test driving Ferraris. That didn't stop him from getting into a Ferrari FF to test it out for the British buff book's "2011 Car of the Year" award.


Well, since he can't get behind the wheel of the large-assed Ferrari, he just had to find a — umm, different — way of experiencing it.

You know, as in he's reviewing it from the passenger seat.

We still feel bad that Ferrari hated our story so much that they banned Harris from driving one of the prancing stallion badge-emblazoned supercars ever again, but not as bad as I'd feel if I owned a Ferrari and found out that their PR team was potentially perpetrating a fraud.

But, you know, whatever. Watch his "review" by clicking through below:


Chris Harris "reviews" the Ferrari FF

And, if you missed our exclusive story by Chris Harris, here it is again:

How Ferrari spins

I told the blokes here at Jalopnik I was pissed at Ferrari and wanted to tell a few people. They said I could do it here. Stay with me, this might take a while.
I think it started in 2007 when I heard that Ferrari wanted to know which test track we were going to use for Autocar's 599 GTB road test,... More »


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