This Is The Only Thing I'll Miss About Hugo Chávez

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So, as we all know, Hugo Chávez died yesterday. Now, despite the hidden right-wing-leftist-anarcho-monarchist subtexts I include in all my posts, we're not really a political blog, so we'll just say that Chavez' legacy is, at very best, checkered. So, despite whatever reservations I may have about the man and his long tenure as Venezuela's Grande Queso, I do have to donate props to the man for one thing: as far as I know, he was the one of the only recent world leaders to drive a VW Beetle.


His Beetle, from these pictures, appears to be a Mexican-built late 90s- early 2000s model. Those rims look pretty aftermarket, but the car seems quite well maintained.

Still, all is not lost. See, even with Chávez gone, it seems there is still one world leader left who drives an original-style VW Beetle: current president of Uruguay, José Mujica. Often called the "world's poorest president," Mujica drives what looks to be an alliterative-friendly blue Brazilian-built Beetle, which appears to be from before the 1993 restart of old Beetle production in Brazil.

José Mujica also donates 90% of his salary to poor people and small entrepreneurs, so it looks like the Beetle-owning fraternity of world leaders is doing much better with the current membership after all.

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I mean, right? This Mujica guy seems much better. Don't you just want to hug him? I need to see if I can get him here for an interview so we can talk about old Volkswagens.

If anyone can think of a world leader with a similarly humble personal car, let me know down there in the comments; maybe we can get them all together for what may be one of the weirdest car shows ever.


Doug Radcliffe

Let me get this straight. You're "not really a political blog" so when a political figure you clearly want to criticize dies you dig up some old photos of him driving a beetle as an excuse to write some passive aggressive paragraph that needs to be padded out with some pictures of another beetle driving politician that were doing the rounds on the internet months ago. All anybody got from this is that Chavez is dead (old news), Mujica drives a beetle and donates 90% of his salary to charity (old news) and Jason Torchinsky doesn't like Chavez very much (news, but uninteresting news). If you have something you have to tell the world about Chavez then do it, and please come up with something fresher than "I'm American. Communism bad" because honestly the rest of the world just isn't interested in rehashing that one over and over every time a socialist gets photographed in or expresses a preference for a car.…