This Is The New Volkswagen Golf

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Every new compact car from the Volkswagen Group will be based on what you see here — the Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) platform. That includes the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf and the new Audi A3. Given the company's recent design trends this may be the best the new Mk7 Golf will ever look.

Volkswagen has let their compact PQ35 architecture spread across all its brands like Miracle Whip, spawning vehicles as diverse as the Audi RS3, Audi TT, and the Skoda Yeti.


The new MQB architecture is an attempt to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the already Ukrainian gymnast-flexible current platform. The biggest feature is the uniform position of all motors (diesels, plug-in hybrids, electrics, gas engines) and transmissions.


By fitting all motors into the same place they hope to cut down on engineering costs and weight/complexity when porting the car over to other models.

Because this particular example is sporting a set of VW wheels it's safe to assume this is the platform for the new Golf we're looking at it. Looks good so far, including the raised rear seating position for increased legroom without stretching the wheelbase.


What do you think? Can you see yourself in that?

Photo Credit: VW via Carscoop