This Is The New Japanese Emperor's Opulent One-Off Toyota Century Convertible

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Back in May, a new Japanese emperor ascended to the throne, and to celebrate, Emperor Naruhito ordered a custom Toyota Century convertible, the first one ever. The order was placed early to be ready for the emperor’s public coronation next month—but we’re getting our first look at this beauty now.


This is a big deal just for the fact that Toyota doesn’t like to mess around with its traditions when it comes to these opulent luxury cars, but you just can’t turn down an emperor.

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Image: Toyota

But it’s a damn good choice: Emperor Naruhito will need a convertible in order to be visible on the coronation parade route on October 22, Japanese Nostalgic Car notes. And what better car than one of the country’s most beautiful vehicles? It’s built with extreme attention to detail, as Toyota’s press release reports:

Heritage prevails in the phoenix emblem [on the grille], carefully engraved over a six-week period by a craftsman.

The newly developed color is an eternal black, dubbed Kamui. The rich coating consists of seven layers, including a clear coating containing black paint to give the impression of a black lacquer finish. Sanding and polishing, based on traditional Japanese lacquer craftsmanship, give the car its deep luster and shine. A wet sanding technique is carried out three times to smooth out the minute unevenness. The body then receives a mirror finish to ensure there is not the slightest cloudiness or dullness in color.

It’s the kind of luxurious that almost borders on obscene for anyone who isn’t, you know, royalty. And, given that this is the royal family’s first new parade car in 30 years, it makes sense that Toyota is pulling out all the stops.

It’s just damn unfortunate that the rest of us peasants will never come close to experiencing a car this lavish.

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If there is a top for this, I’m going to guess it’s more of the hard removable type that gets stored when not in use as opposed to something that folds back into the trunk. But I’d put my money on this car being merely topless, which makes for much less work to convert it.

And a topless car is fine as surely the Emperor can afford a second Century sedan for those rainy or snowy days.