This Is The New Best Russian Truck In The Universe

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We previously declared the Russian SHERP ATV as “the best truck in the universe.” We have been a bit hasty with that declaration, as there’s a new candidate—and of course, it’s also from Russia. Meet the six-wheeled, amphibious Burlak. Oh, and it’s based on an armored personnel carrier.

I know precisely what you’re thinking: “what the hell are you supposed to do with a six-wheeled amphibious truck, drive to the North Pole and back?”


And the answer to that is yes, that is EXACTLY the plan. Seriously.

The Burlak carries ten people in total, and is set to make the first-ever trans-Arctic expedition in a road vehicle, according to Russia Today:

The 7-meter-long off-roader dubbed ‘Burlak’ (hauler) is a real go-anywhere vehicle. Initially it was a BTR-60 armored fighting vehicle. Today, it’s absolutely unrecognizable as all-terrain monster with wheels as tall as a man. The vehicle’s load capacity is 3 tons.

Burlak’s house-type body is heavily insulated, equipped with kitchen, shower and other amenities. All the vehicle’s systems and engine have access from the inside of the shelter, which has a single space with a driver’s cockpit.


For reference, this is a BTR-60, presumably right before it comes storming through the Fulda Gap in East Germany:


The Burlak also comes equipped with a propeller and a body that floats, making the threat of sinking straight through the Arctic sea ice less of an issue than it was for the Top Gear team, who drove pretty far north into the Arctic Sea before hitching a ride back on an airplane.

Since the Burlak isn’t exactly a series-production vehicle a rough estimate of how much it costs is still up in the air. Let’s jut say it’s somewhere between “a bunch of money” and “a whole lot.”


But do you really want to go cheap when you’re trying to drive to the North Pole and back?

The Burlak is set to make its fateful journey in 2018. Godspeed, Burlak.