This Is The Nasty Mitsubishi Evo Of Incredible Speed

Gif: Hillclimb Monsters

When I watch this video, I turn into a little kid again. It’s hard to fathom the ability to go this fast with this much attack, but Ronnie Bratschi seems to have a keen ability to go fast and not crash. This Evo VIII is fast. Like really fast.


This is the kind of car that still gets me excited about cars after all these years. There are people out there building ingenious stuff for the sole purpose of going really damn fast. Not only is the car getting better with every event, but the driver as well. With enough experience, speed comes relatively easily.

Just look at how it goes Whoooosh. Right by you, in a flash. Like the Flash. From the DC Comics, or that TV show.

Allegedly this car has over 700 horsepower and the builder has got it down to about 2200 pounds. It’s got a wider body to fit wider tires, and crazy downforce-inducing aero.

There are a few hillclimb runs depicted in this video, and the Evo spits fire in all of them, which is awesome. Less awesome is the car going a bit wonky in the final corner of the Lucine Hillclimb. If Ronnie hadn’t been quite so quick at the tiller, it would have ended up with a bumper full of ARMCO.

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If you guys like this, you need to get with Global Time Attack (GTA).

It’s essentially F1-style qualifying in 400-800+ hp GTs. Since not wheel-to-wheel, aero is essentially “unlimited.” As in more-than-F1 downforce, from Subies, Evos, Miatas, etc. Small shops and shade-tree racers.

Seriously. It’s sick. Check it.