This Is The Most Heinous Way To Transport Aston Martins You'll Ever See

"What are those? Aston Martins? Yes, just stack them. Yes, that'll be just fine." Those are probably the words of the elegance hating truck driver who transported these three lovely cars in the most heinous way possible. (Update: The cars were in a flood, more below)

This photo, which Autoweek believes isn't photoshopped, shows some pretty Aston Martins stacked on top of each other. These are not Matchbox cars. These are beautiful examples of British motoring excellence.


Autoweek saw this photo on the Reddits, which says that the cars might have been confiscated for street racing. But why punish the cars? It's not like they chose to street race. If anything, the owners should be stacked and tied down like this, not the cars.

UPDATE: According to commenter alexotics, the cars were involved in a flood and can't be used for parts. Seems like a bit much to stack them like this, but now you know the rest of the story.

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