Using exactly as much bare carbon fibre as nessessary, the McLaren P1's interior is just as about weight-saving as the rest of the car. Taking design clues from fighter jets, the P1 features a glass canopy overhead, while composites were used for the dashboard, floor, headlining, doors, rockers and the single piece centre consol, which remains non-lacquered to save further 3.3 pounds.

You are looking at a digital dash with the switchgear kept to a minimum as well, but equipment such as air-conditioning, navigation and an audio system remains standard. What isn't standard though is sound deadening, so all the carpets are optional for the less hardcore custumers. The racing buckets are also stripped of most of their foam filling, and mounted on lightweight brackets and runners, contributing to an overall weight of just 23 pounds each. The seat backs can be set to 32 degrees to make them more suitable for racing by increasing headroom for the helmet.

The steering wheels is an exact replica of what Woking's best have used, as McLaren world champions’ grips were modelled on a CAD system and scanned to produce this holy piece of carbon fibre and Alcantara. We would very much like to grab that.

Photo credit: McLaren Automotive