This Is The Lowest, Fastest Flyby Yet By A Crazy Libyan MiG-23 Pilot

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Libya is in total chaos right now, with multiple air forces flying for different factions within the country. Yet it seems there is a MiG-23 pilot (or pilots) keeping his spirits up by pushing his Flogger to its low-level limits. This video takes the cake for the wildest low-level pass so far, with what looks like about two feet separating the jet from disaster.


Libya as a whole just has a handful of MiG-23s that are said to be flyable, with estimates ranging from about a half dozen to just a few. The force was never in the best shape even before Qaddafi was toppled, and some of the flyable floggers have been seized by various rebel and extremist groups.

The Free Libyan Air Force, which is allied with the internationally recognized but very fragile and semi-deposed central government, just has a few of these Floggers at their disposal. As such, it is pretty strange any of those involved who have their hands on such a machine are flying them in such a risky and (let’s be honest) useless manner.

Then again, you won’t see me complaining about these wild low-level flyby videos, so their potential loss is our gain!


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Here’s a couple of screenshots from a second video of the same pass. I don’t know what’s more stupid. The guy making the low pass or the idiots standing out on the runway playing chicken with a 600 mph jet fighter.