This Is The Laziest Thing We've Ever Seen On Craigslist

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A note to Craigslist photographers: If you're using an entire person in lieu of Scotch tape to affix a piece of paper to your license plate to obscure its numbers, having that person lay down and face away from the camera doesn't obscure her from view.

Oh, and if you have a choice, tape works better. Or a screwdriver.

But the genius who posted this rusty Subaru decided that after putting all of that time into a minutely detailed description of the car, running out to the store to grab a roll of tape to hold a piece of paper over the license plate was a bit too much.


Sitting here in the comfort of my own chair, I can think of a hundred ways that sheet could have been affixed with things laying around the house that would have looked better than a body laying on the ground in front of the car's wheels. Let's see, they could have used pencils as wedges, or even other pieces of paper, all folded up. They could have found a shower cap in the bathroom and stuffed the paper under that, or perhaps it would have been ok to tie and old T-shirt over the tags. Or any number of free graphics programs. MS freaking paint.


Anything, anything would be better than the person we see here. If that's how the owner solves problems, we can't even imagine what sort of ingenious home remedies were cooked up for this poor car during 12 years of ownership by the same people. (Hat tip to CeRuLeaNBLu!)

Photo credit: Craigslist