This Is The Last Thing You Should Tweet Before Driving Drunk

Don't drink and drive. That's stupid. Also, don't tweet out that you're going to "see how many shots of tequila get me twisted" before you hop in a car, lest you should end up in a tree facing a drunk-driving rap and talking incessantly about tequila to the arresting cops.

Denise Denis, apparently, was never taught this important lesson.

If Big Bang Theory is any guide, waitressing at Cheesecake Factory can be demanding — what with the autistic stereotypes constantly badgering you for food. Therefore, 30-year-old Bronx resident and waitress Denis can be forgiven for wanting to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. It's her business.


When she decided last night to go driving post-imbibing into a Scarsdale, New York neighborhood it became the business of the police. According to a local report, Denis couldn't remember how much she had to drink at first:

Her first response was "three shots of tequila," according to police reports. Later, she said two beers and one shot, two beers and two shots and then just two beers, according to the report.
"She did, however, make constant reference to tequila," the report said.


A tipster led us to what appears to be the Twitter account for Denis which includes a revealing reference to her state, stating "#fuckdiggy ima see how many shots of tequilla get me twisted."

It must have worked, since she can't remember how many she had. We agree with her friend Melissa, who said "u should have taken ur ass home… Smdh."

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