This is the joke Lotus has become

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We don't normally print press releases, but no amount of spleen-venting about how Lotus has become a bunch of unrepentant starfuckers led by an over-coiffed little shit can better illustrate the joke Lotus now is than just printing their own drivel in full.


An "Anthemic-Orchestral-Rock-Musical-Theatre Fusion" you say? Please, tell me more...

Experience what Rock legend Brian May eloquently describes as 'Anthemic-Orchestral-Rock-Musical-Theatre Fusion'

Group Lotus are proud to announce a rocking new partnership with 'Anthems', a collection of concerts starring legendary Queen star Brian May and West End and Broadway singing sensation, Kerry Ellis (We Will Rock You, Wicked, Chess in Concert and Oliver!).

Under the creative direction of Brian May, this series of unique productions provides the perfect opportunity to experience Anthems, the stunning hit debut album from Kerry Ellis produced by Brian May. In addition to performing Anthems, the concerts feature an opening set from American ‘soul rock' sensation Vintage Trouble and will also include May's special rock-orchestral settings of songs and new material.

Group Lotus decided to partner the concerts after working closely with Brian last year when he played an integral role in the unveiling of Lotus' future model line-up as he joined supermodel Naomi Campbell to unveil the new Lotus Esprit, the eagerly anticipated incarnation of the iconic British supercar.

Commenting on the relationship, Group Lotus Director of Corporate Operations Gino Rosato, said: "I've had the pleasure of working with Brian May many times over the years and when he told us about the concept for the Anthems concerts, we were happy to show our support for what we think will be a collection of really special music events. At Lotus we believe passionately in brand experience rather than traditional advertising, this activity by association is an extension of this policy."

Brian May said: "I have a lot of affection for Group Lotus and I'm really happy that we can work together on Anthems. I'm happy to support what the team at Lotus is doing to return the iconic British sportscar marque to the forefront of people's minds. Now seems like the perfect time to be working together."

Speaking about the concerts he added: "Kerry Ellis is acknowledged as a phenomenon, equally at home in Musical Theatre and Rock. I was convinced from the moment she brought the character of Meat to life in 'We Will Rock You', nine years ago, that she was destined to be a worldwide star. The challenge was to develop songs and arrangements to allow that amazing voice to reach its true potential. I feel we have now achieved this together on 'Anthems: The Concert'. It's a kind of Anthemic-Orchestral-Rock-Musical-Theatre Fusion! But the key is the passion in that unique voice."

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Matt and Ray,

I fail to understand how your use of f and s words contributes to an article about Lotus. Nor do I see how it helps make the point that you don't like the Lotus brand because they have chosen to associate with celebrities - if that is your point.

Mind you, I am not offended by four letter words, but I am offended by slovenly writing. A well placed four letter word can make a point. For example, if I were the over-coiffed head of a respected sports and racing car manufacturer with a storied history, I would certainly tell you to F-off.

Your use of four-letter words only encourages others to adopt your slovenly writing technique, at best and at worst...Well, as I said, four letter words don't offend me, but photos of excrement - from one of your readers - does offend me.

Finally, the Lotus Elise, Exige and Evora are by many or most accounts, darn fine sports cars. If they are heavier or not as raw than earlier models, that can be excused by saying that as people and products reach middle age, they tend to gain a few pounds - and become more reliable as well. Also, as people age, that is age to the point where they can afford a car that is more spirited toy than transportation, they often enjoy Anthemic-Orchestral-Rock-Musical-Theatre Fusion. Ok, that one might be a stretch, but I dare say that the middle age guy or gal who buys a Lotus is edgier than the middle age (or older) buyer of say, a Chevy Corvette. If it bothers you that Lotus tries to attract buyers by associating with activities that don't have much to do with enthusiast cars, fair enough. But Lotus is also associated with Formula One racing, which is pretty darn hard core enthusiast related, especially in the US where it likely ranks lower than badminton on the sports tachometer.

And speaking of Formula One and Lotus, not long ago you compared some of your reader's commentary with the long suffering Minardi team. No, I haven't forgotten, nor did I appreciate being compared with a losing team. In writing this article, you Matt - and by editor's association, Ray - are lower than Minardi. Lower than Lotus - that is the green Lotus and not the black Renault Lotus. Yes it is confusing, but if you follow badminton, I mean Formula One, you know what I am talking about. This article was a non-starter, a confusing amalgam of obscene language and poorly executed commentary, that in its failed attempt to convince the readership that Lotus has lost its way as an enthusiast company, only demonstrates that Jalopnik has lost its way as the voice of the enthusiast. (I hope this isn't true, but what is one to think?) And, for those who follow Formula One, there can be only one comparison to illustrate how Jalopnik failed to get out of the gate in its attempt to skewer Lotus. Matt and Ray, this article was the USF1 of all Jalopnik articles.