This Is The Greatest Party Bus Of All Time

Are you tired of showing up to a party with 23 of your closest friends in a cliche fancy black bus with leather seats and strange porno type lighting? Then have we got the ride for you.

This is Bus-Yo-Ass, which is, as far as we can tell, the first donkey themed party bus... at least in The Woodlands, TX.


Pics on its Facebook page show Bus-Yo-Ass wrapped in donkey-themed graphics, sporting a real faux-brick interior, and equipped with what appear to be multiple stripper poles. Bus-Yo-Ass just might be the perfect way for a very particular type of person to spend a night.

"My buddy had an old bus and wanted to get rid of it, so we got it real cheap," said Bus Yo Ass proprietor Nick Gryparis. "Getting it wrapped cost more than the bus."


Need more? It even comes with a "professional driver that will tend to your every need." Phew, they thought of everything! But if you aren't in Gryparis' circle of friends, who have already inaugurated the party bus with a drunken cruise or two (who can remember), you'll have to wait until 2013 to enjoy it. Gryparis said he's still outfitting the interior with a slot machine, flat screen TVs, and laser light shows. When he finishes, it'll be the ultimate pre-game on wheels.

According to one fan on the Facebook page, "Ohh Yeaaah shit s gonna get interesting as a catfish!!" We couldn't have said it better ourselves. (Hat tip to Dante!)


Photo Credit: Facebook

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