They've barely made it to dealer lots, but it appears an intoxicated 16 year old has already managed to crash a 2013 Dodge Dart into a house in Rochester Hills, Mi.

The crash occurred early this morning after the male driver lost control of the car while traveling at a high rate of speed. According to the car "hit a large landscaping boulder and then flipped over and crashed into the attached garage of a residence." Two unidentified vehicles parked in the garage were also damaged in the crash.

All five teenage occupants attempted to flee the scene of the accident. One occupant collapsed at the rear of the destroyed Dart while the driver managed to make it a few houses away before passing out. The other three occupants of the vehicle were able to get away from the scene. Both the driver and the collapsing passenger are now listed in stable condition.


Rather unsurprisingly alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the crash. Still there is an obvious question left to be answered—How did this 16 year old get their hands on a vehicle that hasn't officially arrived on dealer lots yet?

Chrysler spokesman Ralph Kisel told the Detroit Free Press this past week the first 250 examples of the compact Dodge arrived in the Great Lakes region on Wednesday. Under four days later one of those cars is already an insurance write-off.

Because there is no mention made of the car being stolen, we're left to assume the young driver of this Dart was somehow related to a Dodge dealer in the area who's currently having a very bad day.


Hat tip to Jeff!