This Is The First Customer LaFerrari Crash

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Well, that didn't take long.

What we have here is a glorious LaFerrari sitting on the street with crystal blue waters of Monaco behind it. It's facing a VW Golf with front end damage.


We don't have details on how it happened, but now we know that one LaFerrari owner is in for a pretty expensive repair bill. Or maybe the Gas Monkey guys will paint it black and add on a wing.


Nobody knows.

(Update: As our own Máté points out, this is the second crash, as a prototype crashed way back when. Also, the Kimster spun one at Fiorano, but that's not really a crash.)

Hat Tip to our pal GFWilliams!

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Cé hé sin

France? Monaco? Either way the Golf seems to have fared better from this angle. Moral: buy a Golf. They're better.