The Ferrari FF was a profound departure for the reigning king of Italian sports car companies. Before it came out, an all-wheel drive shooting brake would’ve almost been unheard of for the storied maker of the 250 GTO. But we could’ve gotten something very different. This silver, jacked-up crossover thing.

That companies try out a bunch of different ideas, and solicit different styling pitches, before embarking on full-rate production isn’t exactly a shock. Lamborghini had a bunch of weirdness going on before it debuted the Murcielago, including this half-and-half freakshow, and before Ferrari even settled on a design for the Enzo they were throwing its V12 into a stretched- and widened 348.


But in a series of photos from the Italian Corriere della Sera, we can see what could have been with the Pininfarina-designed FF. Now sitting in the hands of a private collector, this Giugiaro-designed prototype is much taller, with less of a goofy smile for a face, and is much, much weirder, if you consider what it is. Well, what it was, rather, as apparently it’s been stripped of all its Ferrari badging.

If the FF is a shooting brake, this more looks like a two-door ready for the world’s meanest soccer run.

But still, pretty wild to see what could have been from the Prancing Horse.

See more pictures of it over at Corriere della Sera.

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