This Is The Fastest Slot Car Race I've Ever Seen

When I was slightly too old to still play with slot cars I just about demanded my parents buy me a slot car track that featured two Jeep-like vehicles racing through a scene that was a total Indiana Jones ripoff. I loved it. This is so many times faster my brain can barely comprehend it.

The track seen here belonged to the Finnish Rail Car Enthusiasts Club and race took place in Herttoniemi, a suburb of Helsinki. It's like watching a Tron light cycle race only faster, somehow.

Sadly, the track closed, but there are more people doing this. You're welcome.

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I got my kids a slot car set for Christmas, and it has a "safe" mode that limits the power to the track, makes the cars go slower, and allows you to mash the accelerator and still keep the cars on the track. Great for little kids who just want to make the cars go. These guys seem to be keeping the accelerator mashed at all times. I thought the skill came in working the throttle at the turns to keep the car on the track. Or is the skill here in building a car that will stay on the track at full throttle?

I'd like to know what kind of scale speeds we're dealing with here.

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