What's The Worst Day/Luck You've Had On A Motorcycle?

We’ve all had bad days. Days where our bikes wouldn’t start or where we got a flat in the heat of summer. Even days where everything is going right, but then we get caught speeding or have an off. This, though, is a whole new level of bad.

Note to self: if you come around a corner speeding and see a cop, just finish your turn on the gas and then pull over. Because waiting for a truck to come pick up your busted bike will seem infinitely longer if you’re holding a ticket.


What’s the worst/most unlucky day you’ve had on a bike?

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During Free Practice at MSR Cresson I was waxing some ass on our Endurance Ninja 250. I had never been to the track before and needed to learn it quickly and there is no better way than on a 250. I continually bombed past a group of 600’s in the twisties only to get burned repeatedly in the (top gear for me, like 4th for them...) big left hand sweeper.

100+ on the 250, full lean, just really working to keep traction and the front end through this big turn...lap after lap. and lap after lap i kept getting passed by these 600’s coming out of this turn, then burning them through the very twisty middle of the track.

eventually some dude went for an inside pass (as ive been told), bumped me and i lowsided.

easy crash even at these speeds.....unless another 600 rider behind you target fixates on your head and leaves a huge tire mark up the back of your helmet.

helicopter ride. sub-arachnoid hematoma.

the luck gets worse.

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