This Is The Comeback For The Lister Storm

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The Lister Storm, which graced the world in the late ‘90s before dying, is coming back, Lister’s owner hinted on Twitter yesterday. The new car will be called the... Storm II. We’ll take it!

Lister is a bit of a throwback, a company born in the 1950s that raced for several years with some success while making beautiful cars. I mean, look at this guy in a 1957 Lister Bristol:


By the 1980s, the company was dormant, but, in 1993, unveiled the Storm, producing four models—and even winning some races in the FIA GT Championship with it in 2000—before the car exited racing in 2007.


And then the company went back to being dormant for awhile, before it was purchased by Andrew Whittaker, the owner of a car warranty company, in 2013. (Motorsport described the purchase as a “bolt from the blue.”)

Now, Lawrence Whittaker, Andrew’s son, runs the company, and when he’s not tweeting about his Mercedes, he’s tweeting about the next Lister.


As my colleague Raphael Orlove notes, the car looks a bit like that Lotus that never happened, though it’s curvier. Here’s a few more details from Autocar:

The Storm II would target a 0-60mph time below three seconds and a top speed of more than 250mph. Both road-going and racing variants of the new model will be made, but production will likely be very limited, perhaps to as few as six cars annually, and it could carry a £2m price tag.


More supercars are never a bad thing.