This Is The BMW R nineT Scrambler And It's Coming For 2016

BMW teased a R nineT scrambler earlier this year when they let Roland Sands put a surfboard and some higher bars on the Path 22 concept. This video shows the bike in production form, set for release next week.

To be honest, this bike doesn’t look much different from the regular R nineT at all - at least not in ways that are easily discernible from the video. Compared to the pic below, we can see that the tail has been chopped a bit and that the exhaust rises slightly. The bars look like they could be slightly higher, and the gold fork has been swapped for a silver unit with a gaitor.

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The BMW R nineT Scrambler will make a nice competitor to the new Triumph Bonneville T120 and T120 Black (and Moto Guzzi Griso), and it will be interesting to see where pricing falls for these new units. The R nineT is a great bike as long as you really like opposing twins - though I can’t imagine ever riding anything with that motor anywhere near dirt.

More importantly, we need to take a poll on what is sillier: the BMW’s heat shields that are attached behind the rider or the Triumph’s fake fins?

We’re hearing the German brand has five new models to show at the EICMA show next week in Milan, Italy. Between this, the 310 R, and a pair of C650 scooters, that leaves one left - which is supposed to be an addition to the F (adventure) range.

Full details next Monday/Tuesday.

Photos: BMW

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