There’s something wonderful about watching an athlete with the determination to finish whatever event they’re competing in when things just flat-out suck—when it’s useless, it’s not worth the effort, and it’s not going to result in a good finish anyway, but damn if they’re not going to finish it anyway.


That was MotoGP rider Johann Zarco over the weekend, who had so much determination to finish the San Marino Grand Prix in his eyes that you could see it through his race helmet. Zarco was in seventh place overall when he felt his bike having trouble in turn 11 on the final lap of the race, and soon puttered out of fuel close—but not that close—to the finish line.

So, he did what every normal human being would do and pushed a 400-pound bike past the checkered flag:


Zarco said he thought “Ah, shame!” when other riders overtook him on the “really long” straightaway, which is hilariously admirable. Enough riders went by to drop Zarco down to 15th spot, but he still got a championship point.

If this kind of thing is the closest the world ever gets to a Ricky Bobby-style foot race to the finish, we can die knowing we got to see the best racing has to offer.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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