This Is The Best Film About The Ferrari Testarossa Ever Made

There are few cars less defined by their statistics than the Ferrari Testarossa. No one cares about its 390 hp flat-12 or its 180 mph top speed – the only thing that matters is its looks, which is why this music video from Kavinsky is the best film about the Testarossa ever made.


The film from Harry Metcalfe about his Testarossa we posted a few weeks ago is great at telling you about all the neat little details about that car, but it doesn't quite capture its essence the way this music video does.

Kavinsky is a character created by french musician Vincent Belorgey who crashed his Testarossa in 1986 and reappeared as a zombie 20 years later to make electronic music. This sort of explains the bizzare plot of this video.

The video is a collection of '80s imagery set to Kavinsky's very Jan Hammer-esque track, complete with throbbing synth bass and screaming guitar solos. Kavinsky, piloting a red Testarossa evades a bumbling cop in a Mustang II through the empty streets of LA at nighttime.

Kavinsky and director Marcus Herring nailed the '80s aesthetic here and that's what makes this the best film you can watch about the Testarossa. It's as if they distilled the essence of Miami Vice and everything great from '80s, added a Testarossa and made magic.


So, if you ever encounter someone who knows nothing about the Testarossa, show them this.

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