This Is The Appropriate Reaction To Finding A Sweet CTS-V Wagon In The Garage

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Last year Jalopnik had a beautiful 2013 Cadillac CTS-V manual-shift wagon in our daily Nice Price Or Crack Pipe feature. One of you lunatic readers liked it so much that the car ended up being shipped across Canada, where it made an appropriately massive impression.


The Cadillac CTS-V Wagon represents a rare confluence of impressive performance, utility and inherent uniqueness. That’s why we lose our minds over the thing, and why the look on this woman’s face is so relatable.

Bold move surprising her while her hands were full of eggs, but it looks like no food products were harmed in the reveal of this lovely looking silver-blue CTS-V.

As Jalopnik reader and relatively new CTS-V Wagon owner Markus K. reports:

“Long story short, I ended up buying the car sight unseen from across the country. I live on the West coast in Vancouver, B.C, and the car was on the other side of the country near the East coast just outside of Toronto, Ontario. I actually ended up purchasing the car while I was travelling in South America, which complicated the transaction with a series of unfortunate almost comical events.”


He shared a few nice photos of the car in action, and continued:

“I absolutely loved my first year with the car. Driving the V is somewhat of a surreal experience, especially after lusting for one nearly half a decade. I drove it a lot this summer, lots of road trips and we even got to attend a track day/driving school! I thought you might be interested on an update with the unicorn wagon, it seemed fitting since you’re the reason I’m in the position I am today. From one diehard automotive enthusiast to another, thank you for helping me achieve one of my seemingly impossible dreams. “


First of all, you’re welcome Markus. And thank you for reading, enjoying your car and using it to bring joy to the world. Thanks also to everyone reading this. You’re all contributing to perpetuating car culture and we appreciate it.


Now get off your computers and go driving! I mean, after work I guess.

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