This Is The 2014 Chevy SS, Kind Of

As we've known for a while, Chevrolet is going to be bringing a rear-wheel drive sports sedan known as the SS to the US market for 2014.

Today, the first version of that car has been unveiled. Say hello to the 2013 Chevy SS NASCAR Sprint Cup race car.


So what can we tell? Not too much. It looks a lot like a Pontiac G8 with a bowtie on it. NASCAR is giving automakers a bit more freedom too, so this isn't as constrained as the old "car of tomorrow" was. The real 2014 Chevy SS will be unveiled just before the Daytona 500 in February.

Check out the car below and let us know what you think in Kinja.


(Hat Tip to Nicholas Lauer!)

Photo Credit: GM

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