This Is The $118,000 App That Comes With A Free Jaguar XJR

Harry Metcalfe, formerly of EVO Magazine, recently picked up a $118,000 Jaguar phone app which happened to come with a free new XJR sport luxury sedan.


I know what you’re thinking; there’s got to be a better way to evenly distribute the contents of a burrito, and you’re right. But that will have to be a problem we resolve another day, because Metcalfe has posted a new episode of Harry’s Garage to his YouTube channel in which he discusses the new $118,000 Jaguar InControl App for his iPhone, which came with a free XJR.

Features of the “reaaally cool” Jaguar app includes a log of every journey Harry takes in the XJR, as well as real-time updates of fuel economy, range, average speed, and remote start.


Harry goes on to discuss how he kitted out the XJR, which was free with the $118,000 app he’s reviewing, with a British Racing Green paint job with orange accenting that’s identical to his Jaguar F-Type Project 7.

Now back to the app, which shows you where your car is located, remote climate control, and a log of every stop, mileage, distance, and more features of a journey in the XJR, which offers a connectivity to the car Harry has never experienced before.

There’s really only about two or three minutes of the app featured in the 17 minute review, which is odd. The rest of the video is about Harry’s trip to the French Alps, which is bogged down with glorious 550 horsepower V8 engine noise and narration of every detail of the new Jaguar XJR you could hope for, in typical Harry fashion.

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Now back to the app, which shows you where your car is located...

Okay, why is this not a feature in every car? I can’t tell you how many times I have walked around my neighborhood some mornings looking for where I parked my car after a long night with the fellas.