This is the first time I have ever heard race announcers call for divine intervention, and not because someone is already injured. It's because one driver was so hilariously, ridiculously, terrifyingly bad.

You know how the first time you try playing Forza 5 or Gran Turismo and you're absolutely terrible, just really awful, but in a fun way, and that's okay, because it's just a video game? Russian businessman Vadim Kogay decided to do just that, except in real life.


This is what happens when a 45-year old man decides that he wants to try some racing, and instead of turning up at a local autocross event in a Subaru, he goes and buys a Ferrari 458 GT3 and enters it into the next race at Monza.

He's like someone's kid brother who decided to join the game as Player Two, and then commenced an avalanche of suck all over everything.

He barrels through corners, sending himself off without another car in sight, tries to race hard against random drivers who just happen to actually be lapping him, and stomps all over curbs like it's his job. Drivers behind him desperately flash their headlights, not so much as to say "let me pass," as it is to say "please, don't hit me, let me live."

"What is he doing?" the announcers lament.

I really have no idea.

On the one hand, I can respect going out there and giving it your all on a racetrack. I can respect seeing your heroes hit the tarmac, and thinking, "wow, I want to be just like them."


On the other hand, it's a miracle he didn't kill anybody.

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