This Is Six Minutes Of Walter Röhrl In A Porsche GT3 RS At Full Gas

He makes keeping 500 horsepower together on a track look so easy!

The thing about rally legends like Walter Röhrl is that the cars they pushed towards victory back in the day had lots of power but not such wizardry as carbon brakes, a magnesium roof, carbon body panels, a PDK automatic gearbox, rear-wheel steering or torque vectoring.


The new Porsche GT3 RS also comes with more aero than any Audi Quattro did in Group B despite those giant wings, and so with 42 years of experience at full throttle, for Röhrl, this is just another day at the office.

For us though, it’s five minutes and fifty seven seconds of a four liter flat-six Porsche engine revved to 8,800 rpm at all times.

Also, I think humanity should splice Walter Röhrl’s DNA with James Glickenhaus’ to create race car building rally champion super humans. It would be a blast.

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