This Is Probably The World's Fastest Smart Car

Smart Cars are great if you live in a city and parking is tight but they aren't exactly what one might term as fast. Thankfully whoever made this monstrosity has the solution to that problem. I present to you, the Smart ForDragstrip.

There's not a whole lot of information out about this but according to the video posting it has some sort of Chevrolet big block and it ran a 13.23 in this 1/4 mile pass and supposedly ran a 12.2 later that day. It's creator(s?) is (are?) hoping to get it down in the 10s, to which I say best of luck.

According to a picture posted to reddit this dragster is actually a tubular space frame with the Smart's body on top, so technically it's more of a Smart funny car. A Smart ForFunny, if you will.


This is quite a bastardization of the original Smart concept, but what a glorious bastardization it is. I'd love to see this thing run in the 10s, and to that I wish godspeed to its creator(s?).

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David E. Davis