This Is Officially The Best Tesla Advertisement Ever

Tesla Motors doesn't do traditional advertising and marketing the way the big automakers do. This has led some of the nascent company's fans to make their own, like this gem from a few months ago. Guess what? Another fan has just made the best Tesla ad ever.


The video comes from director David Holm, and it's a Terrence Malick-esque journey across time and space with stunning special effects and photography. It's a great ad for any car, let alone a Tesla.

Here are some details from Stash Media:

David Holm: "My niche is visual storytelling that uses digital effects in a very organic way. Heavy digital effects can sometimes be soulless. The work has to feel real, emotional and a bit rough around the edges. It's about finding the balance, finding the beauty in the roughness of things."

Shot over two days on location at Soggy Dry Lake, California, Holm captured the Tesla on multiple formats, primarily RED alongside Panasonic's GH3, a Canon C300 mounted to the sedan and an old Russian 16mm hand-crank camera all complimented by NASA footage from the Cassini satellite.

Awesome. Tesla, hire this man!

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