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This Is Not Photoshopped

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This image of easily the largest supercharger ever strapped to a car is real and in no way doctored. We salute these real gearheads of genius below.

When Mike Christensen says his Camaro had a big supercharger on it, he wasn't kidding. According to Mike, his dad came home from the junkyard one day with a supercharger so big they could only speculate it came off a locomotive engine (side note, we must know where this junkyard is — immediately). Being bored gearheads, and having a sweet first generation Camaro drag racer laying around, they decided to lash it onto the car's big V8. After custom fabricating intake manifolds, a special order supercharger belt, and quite a lot of tinkering, the engine actually fired up and when Mike blipped the throttle, he blew both head gaskets immediately. Here's video of him talking about it (about halfway through):

Here's to you Mike, a real gearhead of genius, we can only hope to one day equal your "mine is definitely bigger than yours" batshit-crazy mentality. Now once again, where's that junkyard? [Classic Nation]