If you're a true gearhead, at some point you've been looking at a beautifully built engine, when a sudden pang of disappointment hits you. "Why can't I eat that?" you think, shedding a solitary tear. Well friends, your world just got a lot brighter, thanks to this. No, that's not an LS1 engine — it's a cake.

You can thank Wendy Collinsworth, a baker hired by Sarah Karger to make a groom's cake for her wedding. Sarah and her husband own a Fox-bodied Mustang with an LS1 in it, and— well, let's just let her tell it:

The reason behind the cake is my husband and I have a fox body Mustang with a 6 liter turbocharged lsx motor. It is an iron block lq9 with a Borg Warner S400 T6 turbo. It has a/c, heat, radio etc (i.e. a real street car) that runs 5.80's on 275 radials. We built the car from a roller and even built the turbo kit ourselves.

The baker did a very respectable job on getting the cake to resemble the engine. The heads look like they're removable and sit on wooden studs, there's nice red spark plug wires (are those Twizzlers?), a tasty looking intake manifold, edible pulleys— all you'd want out of an edible engine.

My only hope is that the lower quarter is filled with viscous, black liquid chocolate or something, so you can have an exciting oil leak when the cake is cut into.


(thanks to James!)