This Is How You Turn 40,000 Legos Into A Ford GT

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If you thought it took talent to stay up all hours of the day and night for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the guy who built one of the competing Ford GT cars out of Legos will probably make your accomplishment feel slightly less special.


The Lego version of the Ford GT is about one-third of the size of the real one, and the car is made up of about 40,000 Legos. The build process took three weeks and plenty of discipline, and the car is on display at the Circuit de la Sarthe in France for the Le Mans event. Luckily, the Ford GT model has yet to meet the same fate that a Lego Zootopia statue did a few weeks ago—the destruction of three days’ worth of work and thousands of dollars in Legos, at the hands of a child who climbed under the ropes and knocked the structure over.

The car still has around 20 hours to survive before the race officially ends, so hopefully we won’t have to update you about that kind of thing later in the weekend.

This YouTube video shows some of the build process, and includes some shots of the Ford GT40 Lego model as well:

There are four Ford GTs in this year’s edition of Le Mans, all competing for Chip Ganassi Racing and commemorating the Ford victories from 1966 to 1969 with their car numbers. In the LM GTE Pro class, a Ford GT sat on pole and all three of its teammates qualified within the top five. The No. 67 didn’t go far, though, as a gearbox problem put the car in the garage before the race even started.


The Lego Ford GT is on display alongside the Lego Ford GT40 from the video, and there’s a reason why these cars mean so much in endurance racing—the historic rivalry between Ford and Ferrari.

The race is only about four hours in at this point, so it’ll be a while before we find out which manufacturer comes out on top. If you need some assistance staying up to see that result for yourself, we can help you.


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