This Is How You Sell A $523,000 Lamborghini Aventador On The Street

Selling an Aventador in London is easy. Just stick a for sale sign in Arabic on the windshield, and then wait for some rich dude to come around and buy it, as two new videos show.

Supercars of London released two videos on Monday. The first shows an Aventador prowling the streets of capital, then parked on Sloane Street with a for sale sign written in Arabic.

Here's the sign again, for those of you who speak Arabic.


Supercars of London also released a second part to the video, where we see two groups of guys negotiating over the phone, a test drive, and then a handshake deal. The new owners walk off with the keys, get into their Maserati, and drive off.

Supercars of London described the affair in typical London carspotter fashion.

24 hours to sell an Aventador in the most BIZARRE Fashion ever!!
This car was advertised for 24 hours on Sloane Street in London, with a simple sign...and it seems to have worked!! As the new owners secured the deal right in front of the camera!

Another supercar spotter commented on the first video saying that the owner told him the car was for sale for £340000 (currently $523,294) and, "the owner said it like it was cheap."

YouTube comments aren't the most reliable source of information, so this could all be some kind of hoax, but if it's not, this is just about the most audacious car sale I've ever seen. It's not particularly out of line for London's regular influx of Arab supercar drivers every summer.


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